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The World Poetry Peace Zone,  an arm of Muse For Peace Foundation and a sub-division of World Poetry Canada  International has published its maiden edition of the global anthology of poetry on World Peace.

“Muse for World Peace Anthology” a unique anthology of contemporary world peace poets with the aim of propagating World peace was edited by the multi-award winning poet and professor of poetry – Mutiu Olawuyi. The anthology comprises of 50 poems written by 54 poets which featured the likes of the World Poetry President- Ariadne Sawyer (Canada), A multi-award winning poet – Mutiu Olawuyi (Gambia), World Poetry International Director – Caroline Nazareno (Phillipine), Author of the best selling poetry collection“Beyond Dialogismos” – Okeke Akudo Nkemjika Christien (Nigeria) and many more.The poems by these contemporary poets have power and life in them in awaking the spirit of men and to change lives.

According to the Managing Editor – Timileyin Gabriel Olajuwon ‘ This unique anthology has been released for purchase at createspace online store on June 28, 2015. Get a copy today and spread peace through the following link www.Createspace.come/5587144 .’

Congratulations to the following poets who have contributed immensely to the success of the anthology with their wealth of knowledge.

1. Abegunde Sunday Olaoluwa – Ram’s Blood Speech 1,11,111
2. Adelaja Ridwan Olayiwola – Pegoloth-CHAF
3. Adrian Ernesto – Desire More
4. Ajise Vincent Olajide – When we hate
5. Ariadne Sawyer – My peace capsule for the peace connectors of the world
6. Anca Michaela Bruma – Your Love, She is verywhere
7. Azam Abidov – Soul by Soul
8. Binod Bastola Joshi – Let’s Bring the Peace
9. Caroline Nazareno – Rhapsody of Peace
10. Christena AV Williams – Peace is Achievable, Wake up World
11. Chryssa Velissariou – Enough
12. C. Linden Thorp – Peace Lanterns and Priestess
13. Covenanted Chim Nonso – Bring Back our Peace
14. Cynthia Sharp – A new song for the Earth
15. Ampat Koshy – The world won’t change unless
16. Ebi Robert – Face and Valley
17. Ebo Flora – Beauty of Peace
18. Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo – Let Peace Reign
19. Elizabeth Marino – Asylum
20. Gloria Rodikis – Pandora’s box snapped opened- freedom is bound!
21. Ilirjana Sako – Forgive me
22. James Eret – Death at Kabul Marketplace
23. James C Elkin – Give and Take
24. Jaz Gill – Peace Begins with me
25. John Kaniecki – Peace Action
26. Kathy Figueroa – Wondrously Bright
27. Okeke Akudo Christien – No matter the tide change the World
28. Madhusmita Rawooth – A wish
29. Maria Miraglia – Gaza
30. Meghna Gupta Jogani – One sun One Moon
31. Mocha Butterfly – Kissing Booth
32. Ogunleye Emma Toba – Save the Ball
33. Ogunsina Tope – Pacific
34. Oku-ola Paul Abiola – Why call for War?
35. Paul Alowo – Tranquility
36. Paul Tristram – What can I say about War?
37. Pramila Khadun – War and Peace
38. Rajendra Padhi – My Words
39. Robert Gibbons – Reborn
40. Ruchi Chopra – Bioscope
41. Shloka Shankar – Satan’s Reign
42. Shruti Goswami – Reclaimation
43. Sunil Sharma – No mongering of hate Please
44. Vincent Van Ross – Lasting Peace
45. Timileyin Gabriel Olajuwon – You and I will build the World Peace.
46. Mutiu Olawuyi – The Blue Zone
47. Prabhu Pandey – World of Love, World of Peace
48. Rama Krishna Perugu – The Sun of Peace

Also included in this anthology is a poem with the title “When Peace Flow Like a River” –
Collaboration of some young, vibrant and talented Nigeria Poets.

49. Promise Yenimi Sylvester
50. Azeez Fadeyi
51. Paul Alowo
52. James Ademuyiwa

With this, we believe that we have played or noble  part in peace propagation!


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