Jamaican born Christena AV Williams is predicted to be a Future revolutionist however she is a renowned poet and Author of Pearls among stones published by Canadian, Brian Wrixon.
She dabbles in philosophy and history. 

Christena began writing at age ten, and ten years later published her first Collection of poetry. This eventually earned her one of the most prestigious awards ever given to youths in Jamaica, The Prime Ministers National Youth Awards in excellence. Christena is a phenomenal gift and feels she is destined and determined to share her words with the hearts of humanity. She is committed to write for the hopeless and share wisdom from which God speaks through her, while spilling Ink on paper.
Christena hopes to inspire other individuals especially her generation to believe and achieve their dreams. She hopes One day to have her own publishing company as well as there is so much this young woman hopes to achieve and share with others.

 One of her greatest visions is for Jamaica and Jamaicans to return to place of paradise. The poet greatest Inspiration is her Mother. Her Father left her when she was One year old her Mother a strong black woman of whom she loves and emulates worked very hard that she may know the importance of perseverance, love, dedication, Hard work and that dreams are not impossible however Possible to attain.


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