Professor of Physics, born in 1965, 4 children’s mother. Specialized in Space Physics, candidate Doctor in New Technologies in Education, Doctorate theme “Poetry and Physics”.  In 2011 won the prize of Excellence and Renovation in Education, awarded by the Ministry of Education in Greece. 

She is Greek and she lives in Larissa, Thessaly, Greece, under the shade of Olympusthe Mountain where, according to the Ancient Greeks Mythology the 12 Ancient Greek Gods were living.

Her poems are published in Greek and English in over 20 Anthologies and in one personal book. 

World Poetry Canada and International Ambassador to Greece 2014-2016. She posted almost 2000 poems of her poetry in the past four years on her blogs  «Απωλέσθην» http://www.velissariou11.blogspot.com(private reading after request)“Apolesthin2” http://apolesthin.blogspot.gr
“Apolesthin”  http://velissariou11.wordpress.com/


She speaks English, French and German fluently and she can manage with Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. She likes a lot translation. She translates her poems and other poems in English and other languages.


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