Ilirjana Sako started to read and write poetry when he was in high school. Nowadays, he is a member of different poetry sites were he posts his poems. In the beginning he was fascinated about the way that poets use the language to describe an image or an emotional status, or to show us another point of viewing things in life.  

Poetry to him “is a way of expressing his feelings and thoughts toward different subjects and conditions that he encounter during his life.” He wants to give a clear picture of how he views the society and people’s actions.

He writes poetry because he has something to say or something to show, he wants to make readers realize what was hidden and not obvious to them until now. To him, poetry is a journey that takes you to places that you cannot see with your eyes but only with your imagination. Is a journey that encompasses elements of his past and present with a notion of freshness and power. 

   His inspiration comes mostly from nature and people’s actions, when they are under an emotional condition. Moreover, anything can triggers his interest such as: a song, a movie, an article, a painting, a book and a photo. 

Poem Title:

Forgive Me


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