John Kaniecki writes poetry for the enjoyment of the art. He believes that a poet must first establish that they can write in rhyme and rhythm and only then move to the more advanced free verse.
 He has been published by Struggle Magazine, The Blue Collar Review, Burning Books, Jerry Jazz, IWW Newspaper, Protest Poems, Flute, Black Magnolia, Left Curve, She Mom, Whisper, Vox Poetica and others. Though political or moral in nature he writes in various forms.

He published a chapbook of poetry Cavalcade of Stars and has released a poetry book entitled “Murmurings of a Mad Man” 

He has been married over nine years to Sylvia. He is a member of the Church of Christ at Chancellor Avenue where he sometimes preach and work on out reach. He worked last as a customer service agent.

He won the Joe Hill Poetry Labor Prize where he read his poem Tea With Joe Hill, in front of a crowd of over six hundred people in Banning Park, Los Angeles.
Poem Title: Peace Action


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