FOREWORD by Ariadne Sawyer

On behalf of World Poetry Canada International and the world, I would like
to congratulate Editor Mutiu Olawuyi and Timileyin Olajuwon for his work in

compiling the book MUSE FOR WORLD PEACE and for their endless efforts and commitment to peace as well as for their work as peace promoters and connectors. I am honoured to write this forward and to be part of this important book.

The creation of this MUSE FOR WORLD PEACE represents the efforts of many talented and exceptional poets for peace echoing the thirst for peace, healing and harmony with respect for all, which makes this book a memorable one. It includes the beautiful inspiring poem by Adelaja Ridwan Olayiwola in contrast the powerful important challenge to the world by Chryssa Velissariou and many other poetry gems. Each poet chosen adds another strand in a symphony of peace and should be commended for their work.

At this point in time we need to cast off the “heavy burdens of power over”, greed, jealously and egomania. These “burdens” have no place in the efforts for peace. We all need to embrace the glorious glow of respect, support, love, harmony and healing for our planet. We need to change from Koyaannisqatsi – Life out of balance (Hopi word) to a world of balance and care taking for our environment and the wondrous creatures and plants that share the Earth with us. MUSE FOR WORLD PEACE is an important step in this process.

Research shows that by focusing on peace and healing in large numbers a powerful effect is recorded. When the people of the world focus on inner and outer peace it will create a powerful world changing synergy. ” The only failure is inaction”. According to the Webster dictionary, peace is a word from Middle English originally based on the Latin word Pax meaning Freedom from disturbance;tranquility. We need to pursue the precious tranquility by actions; creating peace readings, peace community parties, peace family nights and practicing peace every moment in our personal lives.

I would like to congratulate all who are included in this book for their commitment to peace and their work as peace connectors; it will make a positive difference.

Ariadne Sawyer, MA, World Poetry Reading Series Society President. (World Poetry Co-Founder and Host)

World Poetry Reading Series Society

Director. World Poetry International



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