BOOK REVIEW|Muse for World Peace Anthology by Cynthia Sharp 

In “Muse for World Peace Anthology”, poets ask difficult heartfelt questions in their thirst and passion for a safe and meaningful world for all. 

From the breathtaking imagery of the reality of war in J.C Elkin’s ” Give and Take”  to Caroline Nazareno’s serene images of the moon in “Rhapsody of Peace”, this collaboration of poets across continents speaks volumes to the testament of the will for peace as the destiny of humanity.

Ilirjana Sako’s ” Forgive Me” prayer reminds us of our collective responsibility to all the children who will live beyond our time – every personal and political decision we make must take their long term well-being into account.

Using voice and pen for compassion, kindness, and a movement toward just structures in a universal model of human rights, poets through the Earth share their dreams and visions.


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