Born in Italy, Maria A. Miraglia has an expanded consciousness and considers herself a cosmopolitan. She loves travelling and interacts with people from different backgrounds and cultures. A longtime member of Amnesty International for the defense of Human Rights, she is also the founder of World Foundation for Peace. Graduating in Foreign Languages and Literatures at the University of Bari, where also got a Master’s degree in Evaluation and Assessment; a Master’s degree in Teaching of Modern Languages at the University of Rome and the HLC (highest- level Certification) from Trinity College-UK, Maria taught in public high secondary schools, was lecturer in courses for post-graduate students, in courses for language teachers, was tutor in English, Scottish and Irish colleges for Italian students and collaborated with the Department of Education for studies and projects relating to international language certifications…

Some of her poems are edited in the anthology Petali nelle Nuvole published by Rupe Mutevole, Parma, Italy.. Maria A. Miraglia is a prolific poet whose poems have found pride of place in World Anthology of English Poetry; Whispering Winds: International Anthology of Poetry; World Anthology of Poems on Global Harmony; Peace and Muse for World Peace; Just for you My Love: An anthology of love poems. Author of Le più grandi opere del Poeta Laureato yayati Madan Gandhi. (The Greatest Works of yayati Madan Gandhi translate into italian by Maria Miraglia )tradotte in Italiano da Maria Miraglia She has written forewords and prefaces for several authors. The poetess also participated at the 34 KIBATEK International Poetry Festival of Arts at Instambul / Tusla to represent Italy for poetry on 06-110/ 2014. The poetess is the founder of Pablo Neruda Cultural Association-Italy; Literary Director of Kibatek39 festival Italy. She is collaborating for poetry with Margutte a Cultural Italian Review , with Express, an International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, The International Peer Review and other international magazines, Apart from this, Maria also had the honor to be chosen as a featured poet in Pentasi B World Friendship Poetry. She is a contributor to many poetry groups pages both in English and Italian.

Poetry Title: Gaza


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