TESTIMONIAL – Ruchi Chopra (USA) with copies of the 1st Edition

From a peace advocate, a lover of art, a freelance writer, and A lover of God – Ruchi Chopra (United States of America). 

Ruchi Chopra is an homemaker by choice, Freelance writer and blogger by passion. Writing to her gives her a creative space to express herself. She is passionate about Mother Nature, Photography and Musings of life.

She adores wonderful Family and Friends, and fear no one other than GOD. She loves to read anything which is interesting and worth to learn or deliberate later on. For her, Life is choices and actions linked with sprinklings of fate and faith.

She is an Indian by decent based in Brecksville, Ohio, USA. She has past work experience in Broadcasting Media. She has also worked as a correspondent for Hindi regional monthly magazine “Indian Inside” and have recently scripted 5 minutes social corporate film in English for one of the plywood company based in Indian.

She is one of the contributors to the 1st Edition of the unique anthology “Muse for World Peace Anthology”


To order for a copy




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