To promote universal peace through works of art and immense services to humanity.


To raise leaders and develop young talents by liberating and transforming communities, enhancing peace building, fostering programs for conflict resolution and promoting humanitarian services.




Creativity and



Peace through liberation


* Given right mindset to people of all ages, races and countries about peace

  • Promotion of universal peace by organizing research seminars, summits and conferences on peace across the nations.
  • Sensitizing the general public about peace through our liberating programs in form of peace talk, peace to the widow etcetera
  • Promotion of Reading culture by hosting of reading section and donation of books to colleges/secondary schools
  • Promotion of education and academic excellence among young ones by hosting literary programs in form of Debates, Seminars, Conferences and Summits.
  • Developing and liberating grass roots communities
  • Promotion of humanitarian services most especially to the underprivileged and orphans
  • prevention and educating girl child about sex and sex related issues
  • Empowering the women against violence and gender inequality
  • Enhancing the women participation in all social strata
  • Enhancing and promotion of girls education
  • Promotion of projects and recommending same to appropriate ministries, parastatals and well-meaning individuals in order to restructure and improve lifestyle of masses in grassroots
  • Joining hands with other bodies (governmental or non-governmental) with similar goals and aspiration in order to achieve our vision.




White Dove as a symbol of Peace

Red for passion

Royal Blue for Vision

Black Sprig for alluring Future Building Blocks

Golden for Love, Compassion, Courage and Wisdom