• Art and Education project
  • Community and Social project
  • Empowerment project


 The Art and Education project helps to promote work of arts and enhance creativity among people most especially students in primary and secondary schools, colleges e.t.c. It seeks to discover talents and develop potential. It also helps to promote art and education as a means to enhancing a peaceful world synergy. It tends to promote reading culture and enlighten people (rural communities) about education and Peace plus their benefits. The project is set to bring about linkage between Education and Peace. It seeks to how education and works of art can be a means of promoting peace.


Community and social project is a program designed for humanitarian services in promoting and advancing the society. It is a program specifically designed to touch lives in the societies by providing necessary assistance and support needed to an individual or group of individuals who are less advantaged and underprivileged. It promotes human to human support and encourages love and passion towards them by assisting with moral, educational, economical, and financial support.

This project is set up to promote peace through the means of given to people (Humanitarian Services). it seeks to create linkage between Community Developmental Works and Peace. It leaves us with the question “How can we promote peace by impacting and developing community/grassroots?”


The empowerment project is set aside to empower citizens in grassroots and rural communities most especially the girl children and women. It is designed to empower the women against violence and gender inequality; to enhance the women participation in all social strata and institutions and to promote women education. and many others.