Introduction: Our Inspiration

“When love and understanding disappear from our midst, the word turns immediately from peace to pieces” – Voice of Wisdom

Muse for Peace Foundation is established towards building peaceful relationship among people of all ages, culture and races; starting from individual to the global communities through Arts, Education, and humanitarian services. It is built on hope and love with a mandate to raise leaders and develop young talents by liberating and transforming communities, enhancing peace building, fostering programs for conflict resolution and promoting humanitarian services.

At Muse for Peace Foundation, we are convinced that it is high time we stopped verbal and virtual means of propagating, promoting and preaching peace; it is time we put peace in action. In order words, we must act and practice peace earnestly. We believe that the fundamental keys to peace making is action, liberation and impartation – these entail liberating people from mental, health, financial slavery and lots more. The foundation is named after the Muse for World Peace Anthology – an anthology of contemporary poets propagating world peace which has been published in two editions since 2014.