1st EDITION 2014/2015

The 2014/2015 edition was the debut of the anthology. It published 50 poems written by 54 selected poets and featured the likes of the World Poetry President- Ariadne Sawyer (Canada), A multi-award winning poet – Mutiu Olawuyi (Gambia), World Poetry International Director – Caroline Nazareno (Phillipine), Author of the bestselling poetry collection“Beyond Dialogismos” – Okeke Akudo Nkemjika Christien (Nigeria) and many more.

The edition was edited by Mutiu Olawuyi, foreword  by Ariadne Sawyer – World Poetry President and was published by Creative Writers’ Club Press through Createspace Publishing House USA on June 28, 2015.

Available @ www.Createspace.come/5587144